We are very excited to announce we will start taking orders at 9am on Friday June 5th and start posting out on Monday June 8th Sadly the price has slightly increased but with our loyality scheme this nearly takes it back down to the original price :) The Beast is a 70mm x 60mm Neodymium recovery magnet with a pull rating of 500kg The Beast magnet comes with a 10mm heavy duty eyebolt. This magnet is very strong and if it locks onto a metal object in the water it very rarely lets go! There are several Youtube magnet fishing video's featuring The Beast, these are well worth a watch and will show you just what to expect. Great for recovering Cars, Van's & HGV's from canals and rivers!** Can be used for treasure hunting in the sea/river... you never know what you may find. ** You may need two to recover Cars, Van's & HGV's!!