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Large Magnets

Giant Neodymium Strong Magnet for Magnet Fishing

Online Magnets is the number one supplier of fishing magnets, if you need a large magnet then you're at the right place. Our giant neodymium magnets are rare earth magnets with a huge magnetic pull power. If you want to pull a fridge out of your local canal with our large magnets you can! As far as strong magnets go, you won't find stronger magnets on the market. We are known in the magnet world as the neodymium magnets magnet kings and for good reason. If you're new to the hobby, check out our online shop for magnet sets, which come complete with a neodymium magnet, rope, safety gloves and thread locker. Which will be everything you need to get started.

Neodymium Magnets

When choosing a magnet always choose rare earth neodymium magnets, and not ferrite magnets. The reason being neodymium has much more magnetic strength than the magnet strength of ferrite magnets.  Online Magnets offer a wide variety and shapes of magnets all made from neodymium. Such as single-sided disc magnets, and double-sided disc magnets 360° with all-around magnetic strength.  When you shop for a magnet always insist on neodymium magnets, for magnetic strength and lift power.  The largest magnet we sell in our shop is 1800kg Beast Xtreme, which we can say is the strongest magnet in the world. If you want to pull a heavy object out of the water like a fridge, then the Beast XTreme is the magnet for you.

Cube & Disc

Our Neodymium cube & disc magnets are made from the strongest magnetic material. All neodymium disc & cube magnets are available in different sizes from 5 mm in diameter. Disc magnets neodymium have magnetic properties which far exceed all other permanent magnets of the same size. Neodymium disc magnets are the strongest rare earth magnets on today's market. Our online shop sells disc & cube magnets in packs of 5-10-20.


Our super-strength rectangle neodymium magnets start at 20mm x 10mm x 4mm all of these magnets are counter-sunk for easy fixing with counter-sunk screws.

Magnetic Power

Having the right tools for any job is important if you want the best neodymium magnet with an awesome magnetic pull. Then you need to shop online with us. We have put together an awesome range of kits, with each neodymium magnet having a different pull power to suit your needs.

What Magnet is right for me?

This can depend on what you need the neodymium magnet for, each neodymium magnet has different pulling powers for different uses. If you board magnets magnetic game, then your not going to need anything so powerful, check out a neodymium disc magnet. A neodymium disc magnet with a lower magnetic strength can be used for DIY projects, or to make a magnet for a white fridge.  To give you an idea of a magnet and its strength, take a look below at our beginner & advanced neodymium magnet suggestions.


  If you are just beginning to fish, then try our custom-designed beginner neodymium magnet kit. An ideal starter magnet kit available at our shop is a 120 x Recovery Clamp neodymium 240kg /529 LB magnet. The magnet kit includes the items listed below.

  • 120 x 240KG Pull Magnet
  • 20 Metres Poly- braided 6mm rope and locking carabiner
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Thread locker 10ml Medium Strength
  • Advanced
A neodymium magnet for an advanced fisher is a lot of magnetic strength. You can shop for this type of neodymium magnet in a kit form or separately, (check out our online shop) this way you can custom-make your own neodymium magnet kit. For advanced fishermen take a look at our Evolution neodymium magnet kit and what's included.

  • 360 Degree neodymium magnet 1600kg 3527lb
  • 20 Metres Poly- braided 6mm rope and locking carabiner
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Thread locker 10ml Medium Strength
The Evolution neodymium magnet kit range is revolutionary and offers a massive pull power magnet. All the above neodymium magnet kits and more, are available in our online shop.

Custom Set

We have a wide choice of neodymium magnets, rope, clamps and gloves to tailor-make your own magnet kit. Use our online shop menu bar to search the type of magnet and magnet strengths available and what your requirements are. If you need any help deciding what is the best magnet for your custom kit, send us a quick message using our shop live chat. We would be more than happy to help you with a custom-designed neodymium magnet kit.

Fishing Magnets are not Toys

Our magnets are not toys, you need to take extra care as their pulling power is immense. Always keep our large magnets away from children, if they want to play with a magnet, give them a safe fridge magnet.  A neodymium magnet can very easily pinch the skin on your hands or in some cases break bones. Every magnet must be handled with care and gloves need to be worn at all times when handling a magnet. A magnet when handled correctly prevents injury and will last for many a year to come.

How to order

Visit our website Online Magnets shop, here you view our vast array of all kinds of magnets used for many different purposes. All with very different strong magnetic pulling powers. To get started and buy a magnet use our shop menu bar to select the magnets you looking for. When you have found the magnet you're looking for, add it to our shop basket, then proceed to our checkout area. Fill in the required information, name address etc, click make a payment, SOLD, and soon you will be a proud owner of the best magnet in the world. We have a 24-hour dispatch service and offer a 30 days return policy.

UK Customers

Free shipping is available on certain magnets and products. We offer very affordable Standard shipping (4-5 working days) and Express delivery (1-2 working days)

International Customers

We offer fully tracked and insured tracking, delivery time will depend on your location. A magnet delivery can take anywhere between 3-6 days.