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Little did we know, how strong magnetic fishing would become!

Magnet fishing is not a new hobby but it certainly exploded onto the scene in 2021 when hobbyists started sharing news of what they were hauling up with just only small magnets from their local ponds, rivers and lakes. At online magnets, we have been in this trade since 2014 and watched over the years as magnetic fishing has become more and more popular with the general public worldwide which has helped us immensely from a business perspective as our magnetic online sales have exploded, making us one of the leading suppliers of fishing magnets in the world. With the popularity of "treasure hunting" increasing so will our magnetic range of products to keep up with demand, so stay tuned!

Fishing Magnets Small & Mini

These amazing little fishing recovery magnets for their size have a pulling power of around 90kg, perfect for recovering dropped keys down a drain or over the side of a boat. Ideal for magnet for treasure hunting in the sea, river, canal or pond, just need a rope and a pair of gloves, throw it in start fishing and see what you can find. One thing I do prefer with the smaller magnets over the large magnets is you can throw these all day, and your arm never gets tired, with the larger magnets after an hour or so your arm muscles begin to ache! With Mini magnets small magnet you can take them with you everywhere you go as they take up hardly any room and don't weigh so much. The magnets are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but for their size they are extremely strong, care must always be taken in handling them.

Disc Magnet

We have a huge range of strong disc magnets for you to choose from all manufactured from neodymium. Sizes start from 2mm diameter x 1mm thickness up to 20mm diameter x 5mm thickness with some being counter sunk. Disc magnets have a variety of uses, especially for DIY applications, they make perfect wall knife holders using the counter-sunk disc magnets screwed into a wall or for a model-making project, have you ever dropped a metal bolt or screw into an engine compartment, these disc magnets attached to a shaft making fishing them out child's play.

Neodymium vs Ferrite Magnets

A Neodymium magnet can lift more than any other magnet of the same size, Neodymium magnets are also known as the "King of Magnets"  sturdy and strong neodymium rare earth magnets are the strongest in the world. Ferrite magnets are very brittle and easy to break, the magnetic strength isn't even close to the neodymium version, on the pro side, they are much cheaper, although if you use a ferrite magnet for your fishing the chances are you will lose your catch! A neodymium earth magnet is for sure the better choice for magnetic fishing  

Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet

Self-adhesive magnetic sheets are not a product we are stocking just yet, but since we have your attention and you as a customer is a king and we are the "Online Magnet Fishing Kings" maybe we should, is this a product you would purchase, any feedback is much appreciated.

Shop with Online Magnets

So you want to get started with magnetic fishing, be warned it's a very addictive hobby! We would always advise starting with magnetic fishing kits which include everything to get you started including a fishing magnet, rope with carabiner, thread lock for the carabiner and very importantly our own branded high-quality nitrile coated gloves. Guy, it's really important when magnetic fishing that you wear gloves to protect your hands, for casting out and bringing in the rope and handling any metallic objects you catch, the last thing you want is sore or cut hands! Online shopping is easy with us, just choose your products, add them individually to our shopping cart, go to checkout, fill in your shipping information etc. We accept all major credit cards & PayPal once your order has gone through our dispatch team will get it ready for shipping & delivery,  Then Bingo... expect delivery to your front door very soon.  On our online store, you will find a huge range of products, from fishing magnets, accessorises and metal detectors, feel free to browse away, every item has a description to make shopping online with us a great experience. If you need any help regarding our products & services you can use our website contact us or join our website live chat, one of our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction. P.S. Please click our Facebook link and like & follow to keep up to date with our latest developments and information, much appreciated!