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We cater for all budgets and sell fishing magnets from 20kg up to 1000kg... If you need help or advice please contact a friendly member of staff on 0115 7253670. Collecting or viewing our magnets is always welcome, however please ensure you book an appointment first. All our magnets are stored and shipped from our warehouse located in Nottingham.

Recovery Magnets from Online Magnets

Xpert Range Fishing Magnets

  1. 120 X™ Recovery Clamp Neodymium 240KG / 529LB Fishing Magnet
    140mm x 20mm Fishing Magnet | 240kg Combined Pull
  2. 200 X™ Recovery Clamp Neodymium 400KG / 881LB Fishing Magnet
    150mm x 25mm Fishing Magnet | 400kg Combined Pull
  3. 250 X™ Recovery Clamp Neodymium 500KG / 1102 LB Fishing Magnet
    155mm x 25mm Fishing Magnet | 500kg Combined Pull
  4. 300 X™ Recovery Clamp Neodymium 600KG / 1322 LB Fishing Magnet
    165mm x 20mm Fishing Magnet | 600kg Combined Pull
  5. 400 X™ Recovery Clamp Neodymium 800KG / 1764LB Fishing Magnet
    170mm x 25mm Fishing Magnet | 800kg Combined Pull
  6. The Beast™ Clamp Neodymium 1000KG / 2204 LB Recovery Fishing Magnet
    170mm x 60mm Fishing Magnet | 1000kg Combined Pull
  7. Beast Xtreme™ Recovery Clamp 1400KG / 3086LB Fishing Magnet
    180mm x 60mm Fishing Magnet | 1400kg Combined Pull | Most Powerful Fishing Magnet

Metal Detectors

Fishing Magnets >100kg Pull

  1. -18%
    Out of stock
    200KG Pull Recovery Fishing Magnet With 2 Threaded Holes
    was £33.95 Special Price £27.95 £23.29
  2. -30%
    Out of stock
    400kg Pull Recovery Fishing Magnet
    was £53.95 Special Price £37.95 £31.62

Fishing Magnets < 100kg Pull

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