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Integrity™ 360 Degrees Neodymium Fishing Magnet 1700KG / 3748LB

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Integrity™ 360 Degrees Neodymium Fishing Magnet 1700KG / 3748LB

Integrity™ comes with a reinforced custom built cover which fits like a glove and is designed to give your fishing magnet the maximum protection.This 360 Degree case is the strongest available on the market, no point paying good money for a magnet and going cheap on the case!


I first discussed designing my own magnet with OM around 12 months ago. I wanted a magnet which I could use all day but also had the incredible power which I need! We designed a few prototypes which on paper I thought would get the job done but in reality didn't have the pulling force I wanted. After lots of secret testing and strength comparisons to other 360 Degree magnets I'm very excited to present Integrity! My very own Northants branded magnet. I just want to thank Miles from Online Magnets for all his help in making this possible. Nigel Lamford, Northants Magnet Fishing


**Premium Cutting Edge Design & Build**


Integrity™ has one solid, high performance Neodymium Magnet which produces an incredible 360 Degree 1700kg / 3748LB combined pulling force


All discount codes have been disabled for Integrity. We wanted to do something a bit different with this magnet so with every order a limited edition Northants and OM branded fishing case (fully foam lined) and a Northants blue 10mm 20 metre rope will be included. Worth over £50! Doing it this way I believe is the better deal and as I earn no commission from sales you the buyer get the best deal possible.


Our pull ratings are 100% GENUINE, Other companies are selling weaker inferior versions with highly exaggerated ratings (please do your research!)


Sadly Neodymium magnets are not indestructible... if you throw them at a wall or constantly into a rocky river they will get scratched, chip and possibly crack.

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