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10mm x 3mm Neodymium Magnets 1.75Kg Pull (5 pack)

10mm x 3mm Neodymium Magnets 1.75Kg Pull (5 pack)

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90kg Pull Recovery Fishing Magnet With Eyebolt

10mm x 3mm Neodymium Magnets 1.75Kg Pull (20 pack)

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BRAND NEW SUPER STRONG N38 10mm x 3mm Neodymium Magnets 1.75Kg Pull* (20 Pack)

Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium is an element that was discovered in 1885, it was not until the early 1980's that the element was alloyed with iron and boron to create the "Neodymium magnets" which we use today.

The name "Rare Earth Magnets" does not refer to their abundance. Neodymium is about as common as tin or lead. The term Rare Earth relates to a specific group of elements in the Periodic Table which lists all known elements in groups according to their similar chemical properties.

Neodymium magnets are many times more powerful than the better known Ferrite magnets. The magnetic strength of a Neodymium magnet is measured by it's "N" number; the higher the number the more powerful the magnet. N numbers range from N27 - N52.

Additional Information






Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel Copper Nickel)

Max temp

80C / 176F





Magnetic face Diameter




All nickel plated type Neodymium magnets are designed to be used in dry conditions. They are both hard and brittle by nature.

Care must be taken when handling these magnets as there is a danger of trapped fingers, pinched skin and flying shards of metal if carelessly handled.

Never allow Neodymium magnets to jump together or to jump to steel as they will likely shatter.

Suitable for usage up to a maximum of 80 degree Centigrade.

Always keep magnets away from items that may be damaged by the powerful magnetic field such as credit cards, computers, mobile phones, Cd's.

Not to be handled near to or by people with Pace makers or other medical devices.

The actual pull strengths will vary depending on other variables such as: Steel thickness (the thinner the steel the lower the pull strength), Steel Quality (for example pitted/corroded), Surface finish (painted, powder coated will result in a reduced pull force).

A safety and information sheet is sent out with all magnets.

WARNING - This magnet is VERY powerful and totally unsuitable for Children!!

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